We are a husband & wife duo (9 years and counting)…who enjoy capturing your story through a lens with a creativity and energetic flair!! Jared Dahl is man of many talents: incredible cellist, father, teacher, Mr. Fix-it, a way better cook than Sarah, speaks 3 languages, world traveller, plays hockey, romantic, and can ask for directions…though prefers not to…and if you ask their youngest child what his job is, her confident answer will be, "to tickle me".

Sarah Rowan Dahl has been doing photo shoots for over a decade…back in the days of film!! Her profession is a rather creative blend of photography and live art. She paints LIVE in fronts of crowds of all sorts and entertains through the experience of art. Painting LIVE at weddings, festivals, corporate events, from the Opera House to Parliament, Sarah has left her mark…well not literally, can you imagine the hot water she would be in if she had spilled paint on the floor of the Great Hall?!! And yes, she is slightly nuts and photographs weddings and paints LIVE at the reception for a rather full day but amazing wedding experience for all involved!! Check out Sarah's art website!